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NLP bootcamp: how to (re) connect yourself


Just a few examples of what you will learn in a fun & interactive way:

- be in control of your emotions

- building confidence

- breakthrough limiting beliefs

- balancing your energy


For more information or a free call to check if this training is right for you, go to our contact page on this site and send us a mail. 

NLP Corporate Training


Learn NLP techniques to:

- increase your personal leadership

- become a more efficient and better communicator

- how to gain concentration & focus

- how to improve your own/team perfomance 

Basic NLP Practitioner


Start: February 2017


The applications of this Basic NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching course are only limited by your own imagination. Apply yourself successfully to almost limitless areas of opportunity, in all walks of life and in many contexts including:


- Getting clear on living a life that you love

- Become a leader to yourself, your family and at work

- Building confidence and self esteem

- Remaining calm and assured in stressful situations

Energy Management Training


In this course you will learn to manage your own energy:

on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

Become more balanced and start living your life to your full potential. 

You will also learn some powerfull techniques to establish lasting postive changes in your life.